Wednesday, June 29, 2016

From NZ with Love

Dearest Bloggerbuds, 

It is 8:36 a.m. and I am stuck here at home staring at the blank computer screen in front of me, trying to come up with a long overdue blog post.  As I open my eyes and stare at my surroundings, I notice that I am at a place far different from the home I used to know.  I then try to acclimatize with the unfamiliar winter breeze around me and I finally realize that I am now 5,024 miles away from my beloved Philippines. I am at a beautiful place I could only dream of seeing before.  I am in New Zealand.

As I browse through my timeline, I realize that 10 months has already passed since I started this journey and the memories keep flashing right before my eyes.  I left the Philippines, set foot at the 'Land of the Long White  Cloud,' met new friends, faced a lot of challenges as I was settling in the country and became the person that I am today.

A lot can happen 10 months, really and in case you are wondering how it has been, here is a rundown of the events that happened by then.

1. The Journey Began

September 4, 2015- I left the Philippines with my newfound friends to set foot on an exciting journey in New Zealand.  I met most of my CAPmates Christian, Kei, Jappy, Carlo, Joie and Michy.  We bid our temporary farewells to our beloved Philippines and to our families as well.  We were sad, excited, happy and primarily ambivalent about the future ahead of us.  We set foot on Nelson, New Zealand on the following day and the rest, as they say, is history.

2.  Competency Assessment Program

I was given the chance to study the Competence Assessment Program (CAP) at Nelson Marlborough Institute of Technology.  It is an eight-week program designed to prepare foreign nurses to become New Zealand Registered Nurses.  The CAP has not only equipped me with the necessary knowledge and skills that a New Zealand Registered Nurse must have  It has also strengthened me and left me with fun-filled memories I can always treasure all throughout my life.

3.  Exploring Nelson, New Zealand

Nelson is a city located on the South Island in the country.  Dubbed as 'The Sunny Nelson,' due to its pleasant aura, this place is also known for its breathtaking beauty.  I was really lucky that I was given the chance to explore Nelson with my CAPmates.  We went to Nelson City, Cable Bay, Kaiteri Beach, Japanese Garden, Lake Rotoiti, The Centre of New Zealand and others.  It is definitely a place that captures the beauty of New Zealand at its finest.  It is  effortlessly and remarkably beautiful.

4.  Welcome to Auckland

After completing my CAP, I decided to go out of my comfort zone and explore the largest urban area in the country- Auckland.  I went to the Central Business District, Strawberry Farm, Rainbow's End, and others.  I was not really expecting so much when I went here but Auckland gave me more than what I asked for. It has already become my home now.

5.  It's Official!

Great things indeed come to those who wait and believe in God's perfect plan.  I saw my dreams coming true right in front of my eyes this year. I got my New Zealand registration and my first job in the country as well. I am now working as a Registered Nurse at a rest home in West Auckland and I am really enjoying every minute of it. It still feels surreal to me now knowing that I am clearly on my way towards success.

6.  My New Family in Christ

I've also had my fair share of spiritual and religious battles during my stay in the country.  God has clearly tested my faith, my patience, and my morals but I kept firm with my belief.  I chose to be with the group I really believe in.  I choose to be a part of Singles for Christ.  

Hence, I now finally flip through my post as I notice how far I've come through my journey.  The memories of my life from my beloved Philippines flash by once again and I realize that I am clearly far different from the girl who left her country in order to find her luck at the place Pinoy nurses could only dream of seeing.  I've already become a more mature, independent and confidently beautiful woman on her way towards her dreams.  I know that I'll have more struggles, hardships and problems to overcome as I find my way through the beautiful New Zealand but I know that I'll get there through God's amazing grace.

Maica Angelle


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